Terms and Conditions

We are one of the most affordable and reliable online pharmacies. But before using our website to get the product one should always follow the terms and conditions and must consult your doctor. By reading certain terms and conditions, you will find the lawful content as per the standards.

We don’t provide any medical advice  

We never provide any type of medical guidance regarding different types of sexual disorders problems; we are just selling generic medicine online.So, one should always consult your doctor before using any type of medicine. We help customers to get medicine in an easy way so that they can save their useful time and money for buying such type of generic medicine.

Commitment to Privacy

We understand that your personal information is important to you. This personal information we collect includes shipping and billing name and address, email address, phone number, and credit card information never share with the third party or any outside parties for marketing and for any other purpose. We assure you that, in accordance with our Privacy Policy, we will not distribute our customer list to their party. Our website is hosted on a dedicated server managed by us only with the latest security updates so you will never get a problem regarding the safety of data.