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Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Sildenafil Citrate + Tadalafil
Indication: Erectile Dysfunction
Packaging: 6 Tablets in a strip
Strength 120mg

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About Sildalis 120 mg:

What is Sildalis 120 mg?

Sildalis 120 mg is the medicine especially meant for the adult men who are getting weaker erection and fail to hold it for longer time. Such men are said to be suffering from the disorder of erectile dysfunction. In this disorder men never feel energetic at the time sexual intercourse and because of their weak body they never able to satisfy the sexual desire of their partners. The men suffering from the disorder of ED fails to the loyalty of their female companion. It is very difficult situation in the life of any man to face betrayal of their love mate. For handling this situation it is always better to take best remedy available so that adult men can live happy sex life. There are different kinds of reliable remedies available for treating ED and out of these remedies the best one is Sildalis 120 mg.

What makes Sildalis 120 mg more effective?

The combination of ingredients of Sildalis 120 mg like Tadalafil and Sildenafil Citrate makes it most powerful medicine to handle the disorder of ED in better way. These ingredients are clinically tested and prove to be effective in treating the problem of ED. The men who are taking the dose of the medicine always remain active at the time of sexual intercourse.

Best way to take Sildalis 120 mg

It is very simple to take Sildalis 120 mg as you can take it with glass of water. When you are taking the tablet then never chew, crush, or break it for getting desired results. In order to get powerful erection you should take the drug half an hour before sexual intercourse. The medicine takes the least time to show its best results in the body of men and due to this reason Sildalis 120mg is very popular among men.

How Sildalis 120 mg works?

The working of Sildalis 120 mg is very simple as it strikes the vital arteries like dorsal arteries of the penile region. When these arteries are stimulated then adult men automatically get the harder erection for long duration. The medicine also helps in controlling cGMP level, which is always required to get erection in penile region. The drug offers 100% result when it is taken by adult men suffering from ED. Due to this reason men always find best solution regarding erection problem in cases when they take Sildalis 120 mg.

Prominent precautions at the time of taking Sildalis 120 mg

In case you have never tried Sildalis 120 mg then it is required you should take some precautions before taking this medicine. If you are going to try the drug first time in such case you must take the advice of qualified sexologist. The sexologist will discuss the problems you are facing and after examining your body the doctor will recommend the required dose of the drug. It is essential you should follow the instructions of the sexologist in order to stay away from any possible problem. Before taking the medicine you should always ensure that you suffering from the disorder of ED as Sildalis 120 mg are meant for recreational purpose. The medicine is exclusively for adult men and it should be not used by ladies and males below 18 years. In case you are going to drive or work on machines then never take the dose of the drug as it may cause sleepiness.

Warnings associated with Sildalis 120 mg

When you are taking the dose of Sildalis 120 mg you must take into account certain warnings. The most important warning need to be considered is to avoid taking excessive alcohol to maximize the best results of the medicine. In order to stay fit and enjoy the benefits coming out of the medicine always take it once in a day. The men who want to enjoy the best benefits of the drug should take it before the sexual intercourse. It is better to avoid fatty foods so that you can accelerate the benefits of the medication. Sildalis 120 mg is best for the adult men who are not suffering from high or low blood pressure, heart diseases, panic heart attack, severe liver or kidney diseases, and different other diseases. The medicine is very powerful so it is required you should take it with due care exactly in way the doctor has prescribed you.

Possible side effects that Sildalis 120 mg can cause

It is really painful when you are suffering from the side effects of Sildalis 120 mg. The possible side effects that the drug can cause are as follow:

  • Feeling uncomfortable
  • Flushing of skin
  • Dizziness
  • Blur vision
  • Visual impairment
  • Vomiting
  • Drowsiness

These are the common side effects that the medication can cause and when you are finding such problems then you must take of your sexologist.

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